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Gas Station Supply Selected Project List

Below is a list of a few of our recent projects. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a more detailed description.

Pine Hill Auto Parts in Micaville, North Carolina

This site is a good example of the type of project we excel at. This project combined the installation expertise of Jim Hensely's TRS Petroleum Installation folks, our equipment, and Wayne Henderson as Project Manager. This project consists of a 25,000 gallon Double Wall Tank, Bennett 3000 series Dispensers, an Incon Tank Monitor and an American Pump Control Fuelbot.

Campbell Ave. Liberty Gas Station

Completed in 2008, Gas Station Supply added fueling to an existing Convenience Store and former 7-11 location. At this location we installed two Highland ACT-100 Underground Tanks for Gasoline and Diesel and an above ground tank for Kerosene. On the Fueling side we installed Gilbarco Encore Dispensers that have since been upgraded with EPP for PCI Compliance, controlled by a Gilbarco G-Site that we have also upgraded to the Gilbarco Passport Point of Sale System. For UST Tank Monitoring we installed a Veeder-Root TLS-350 with CLSD, Electronic Line Leak Detection and for off-site communication a SiteFax.


Candler Oil Bulk Plant

We were brought into this project after Candler Oil suffered a leak in their primary Heating Oil tank. After the decision was reached not to repair the existing tank we were given the task to get the tanks installed before the next heating season. Based on our initial site layout recommendation we proceeded to work with Hurt & Proffitt on the engineering side and got to work. Candler Oil wanted to replace their 50,000 gallon Vertical Tank with the largest Horizontal Tank possible. It was determined that a 40,000 Double-Wall tank would fit — just barely through their gate and into their tank farm. Candler Oil also wanted to replace their existing storage for Gasoline. We recommended a 20,000 gallon tank — split 14,000 for Regular and 6,000 for Supreme. Once the tank sizes and layout was determined things got busy. Jim Hensley’s TPS, Inc. arrived on-site and began removing two 50,000 tanks and grading for the new tanks. Morris Construction was charged with the concrete tank pad and did a very nice job incorporating the tank piers into the pour and laying the ground work for additional concrete pads as Candler Oil does additional upgrades to their Bulk Plant. After the concrete cured, the tanks were set and Jim Hensley’s crew sprung into action again. They installed 3 F. E. Petro 5 HP pumps into the three tanks, an Incon Tank monitor with which we paired a wireless communication system so that Tank Reading could be obtained inside, and all the piping and electrical work to bring the former 50’s era Bulk Plant into the 21st Century. The final piece was a unique design from Morris Construction for a Spill Containment box for the unloading of tankers into the new tanks. The work was completed on time and the new tanks were put into service in early October 2009 well in advance of our deadline.

This project shows the scope and quality of the work Gas Station Supply can provide — from layout to dealing with our fine assortment of contractors this job was a winner.


Delta Star

Delta Star was our first big project — the one that started it all. We provided five large storage tanks for a manufacturing plant expansion.

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